Hymenopus coronatus – Oliver 1792 (orchid mantis)

Synonym: H. bicornis- Stoll

Mimic: flower

Temperature: Day: 77-85F Night: no less than 68F (anything over 80F needs high ventilation)

Humidity: 50-80% spray every 2-3 days. Let enclosure dry before spraying to avoid bacterial infection

Incubation: 4-6 weeks at 85F w/ 70-90% humidity or spray everyday

Hatch Rate: ~40-100+

Distribution: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Hawaii

Adult Size:

  • Male: L6 ~1″
  • Female: L8 ~2.3″

Sex ID:

  • Male: smaller than female. Brown line at the pronotrum. No horn.
  • Female: bigger than male. Green line at the pronotrum up to sub/L7. “V” groove one the underside of one of the last abdominal segments. Has horn.
  • Female = horn and green band at “waist” (brown line at adult)
  • Male= no horn and brown band at “waist”. Much smaller than female.

L1 prey: Mel. or Hydei fruit flies


  • keep males cooler and feed less often to mate orchids from same ooth.
  • Both male and female adults can fly.

Breeding Notes: 

  • female needs 6-8 weeks (75-80F) after adult molt to mature for breeding. Male needs 2 weeks (75-80F) after adult molt to be ready for mating.
  • Males drum on females back before/durning mating. He drums, she responds by lowering abdomen.
H.coronatus nymph
H.coronatus nymph


H.coronatus nymph